May 2015 Employee of the Month Announcement

Congratulations to Chef Willem Bezemer
The Clovis Culinary Team was presented with a unique and challenging opportunity to create a Gingerbread Village to be displayed at the Fresno-International Airport as part of their Holiday Theming and to celebrate the National Park Service 200th Anniversary and showcase all the points of the world you can travel to from Fresno. Chef Willem stepped up immediately and has been the lead in production of such a daunting task.
Thanks to Chef Willem, the airport will be full of amazing Gingerbread replicas of such iconic and historical sites; the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pizza, the Berlin Gate, the skyline of St. Petersburg, an authentic corner building in Argentina and so many more to dazzle the eyes of airport visitors during the holiday season.
In addition to working so hard on these displays, they have maintained a full teaching schedule and brought so much enthusiasm and excitement to the entire staff and faculty of our campus as well as current and potential students. What better recruiting tool than this Chef’s amazing talents on display here and at the Fresno Yosemite Airport.
It is an honor and privilege to have such hard working, creative talent working at the Clovis Campus of SEG.